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Rwanda - Cocatu - AA Grade - Washed

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Tasting Notes - This superstar of an African coffee showcases elements of juicy wild blackcurrants, milk chocolate and sugar cane. It offers a heady, floral quality on the nose which is reminiscent of fine black tea and it pings with acidity.  It finishes with a long, smooth caramel-like afterglow.

Country - Rwanda

District/Sector -  Rulindo/Tumba

Farm - Members of the Cocatu cooperative

Altitude - 1800-2500 masl

Varietal - Bourbon

Process - Washed

About the farm:

Rulindo lies in the southern part of the Northern District of Rwanda, bordering the Kigali City boundary. A country that is predominantly young and rural in population, it has one of the highest population densities in Africa and is one of the very few countries with a female majority in government. The Provinces were reorganized in 2006, reducing twelve to five, and reducing 106 districts in to thirty.

Comprised of numerous hills stretching like interlocking fingers across the land, elevation is often very high, and the winding roads add complexity to the transportation of the gathered cherries to the washing station. There are two wet and dry seasons in the country, with good quality coffee available over a large harvest season. Temperatures are lower than expected for an equatorial country due to the high elevation, and this is more noticeable in the Northern and Western Provinces over the lower lying east.

The Cocatu washing station was founded in 2007 by twenty farmers under the cooperative presidency of Liberatha Ndahayo and has now grown to cover 6000 small scale farmers.

View of Cocatu Coffee cooperative in Rwanda