About Us

Situated on the beautiful Isle of Skye, we are artisanal coffee roasters. Mixing craft and technology with passion and dedication. We're on a relentless journey to unravel the best potential our coffees are capable of expressing and sharing them with you.

Offering both finely crafted blends such as our popular, signature, seasonal house blend 'Sgitheanach Dearg' (trans: from Skye - Red), named after the rounded Red Cuillin Hills that we view from our Roastery, as well as stunning single origin coffees representing the best the season has to offer from all over the coffee growing world.

Craig has been obsessed with exceptional coffee since before his move to Skye whilst pursuing and enjoying a career as a freelance Opera Singer. Finding himself on Skye for a singing job in the mid-naughties, from out of the blue he met singing Skye Lass Mhairi and never looked back....Six children on, Skye Coffee Roasters has become somewhat of a family affair!  

After cutting his teeth on various home-built roasters, Craig began to roast coffee professionally on 'Sam' the wee red roaster - our beloved vintage Samiac GE 5/7 in 2012 following an extensive restoration project. The original Roastery is just a few doors away from where we currently roast in Lower Breakish. He is known affectionately on the Island as “Coffee Craig”.  Due to unforeseen circumstances, he was forced to take a hiatus from roasting in 2016 and in 2019 ‘Skye Coffee Roasters’ was born!

We constantly research and employ new, cutting-edge methods to our roasting techniques, actively participate in consultation, as well as spend countless hours perfecting methods of brewing, cupping and sampling our coffees. All of our roasts are profiled and data logged and cupped for quality before being packaged up and sold.

Along the way, we modified 'Sam' our roaster to accept new sensitive recording instruments such as multiple temperature probes - input, Bean Temperature (BT), Environmental Temperature and Exhaust Temperature (ET) - airflow sensors, drum and fan speed control which enable accurate digital readings in all aspects of the roast. We have established a bespoke facility in Lower Breakish on the Island where we roast, cup, taste, sample and perfect each batch of coffee we receive.

We offer a fine selection of specialty coffees to local restaurants, hotels, B&Bs, cafés and shops, as well as selling retail to everyone from our supportive local's to the thousands of visitors who come to see the romantic, ruggedly wild, yet beautiful Isle of Skye and surrounding Highlands.

We aim to provide you with a coffee that speaks its best and presents just a little bit of Skye in your cup. We would love to be your first choice of coffee providers, whether wholesale or personal. 

Slàinte mhath

....Over The Sea From Skye....