Brazil - Fazenda Palmital - Pulped Natural
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Brazil - Fazenda Palmital - Pulped Natural

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Tasting Notes - Sweet, sugared cocoa powder, with a solid body and hazelnut butter and creamed caramel overtones.

Country - Brazil

Estate - Fazenda Palmital

Altitude - 950 - 1150 masl

Varietal - Catuai and mundo novo

Process - Pulped Natural

About the farm:

Over the years, Fazenda Palmital has built a tradition of producing top quality coffee in a sustainable way.  All workers have full legal benefits. The farm also provides employees and their families with free transportation to primary and secondary schools and medical care in Cabo Verde. Currently, 36 families live on the farm in houses equipped with running water, sanitation and electricity, as they should.

The farm preserves native vegetation and wildlife in over 150 acres of forest and protected areas where water springs, streams and rivers can be found.

Fazenda Palmital Coffee Plant Nursery, Brazil