Colombia - La Albania Estate, Quindío - Washed
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Colombia - La Albania Estate, Quindío - Washed

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Tasting Notes - Honey-like body, zesty tangerine, caramel and cherry.

Country - Colombia

Region - Quindio, Calarca

Farm - Finca La Albania Estate

Altitude - 1380 masl

Varietal - Mainly Caturra with small % of Castillo

Process - Washed

About the farm:

The owner of the farm, Israel, also runs the Racafe dry mill in Armenia who exports his coffee. He has been working there for over 2 decades. Coffee is a passion of his, but not his only passion. He is also an avid collector of Turkeys and currently has 32 that roam the farm!

Coffee runs in the family and Israel’s son Juan Pablo runs the La Albania Farm on a day to day basis. They have custom built accommodation and dining areas to keep the pickers fit and healthy. There is an on-site cook who knocks uplovely Colombian food everyday to satisfy their large appetites!

La Albania Estate, Colombia, Turkeys